The Local Government Election Tool is blown

The Local Government Election Tool is blown.

Minister of State Presidential Office Regional Administration and Local Government Hon. Selemani Jafo has officially announced the Local Government elections at the local, village and suburban level are expected to take place on November 24, this year.

Announcing the 2019 Local Government elections in the Presidential Office of Regional Administration and Local Government located in Mtumba in Dodoma Region Hon. Jafo has instructed Regional Heads and Regional Administrative Secretaries to ensure they adhere to the guidelines and principles of the elections.

Hon. Jafo has stated in accordance with 2019 Local Government Election Regulations Article 4 (1-3), Government Proclamations no. 371, 372, 373 and 374) of 2019, the Minister responsible for Regional Administration and Local Government announces to the Tanzanian public and all Political Parties with Permanent Registration that November 24, 2019 will be the Election Day Local Mainland Tanzania.

“In accordance with the Local Government Election Regulations subsection (1) the Minister responsible for local government must issue a Public Election Proclamation not less than 90 days prior to election day”. Explains Hon. Jafo

Hon. Jafo further explains that the date is scheduled after the completion of the rules that will be used to run the elections in which stakeholders, political parties and civil society organizations were involved and expressed their views.

“This year’s election will be better, because it has been participatory during the drafting of the rules and we have developed a rule that removes the challenges that have arisen in previous elections,” said Hon. Jafo

 He explained on election day that voting will start at 2:00 am and end at 10:00 pm and people will vote for special papers that will have to be packed in special ballot boxes.

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 He went on to explain that the election campaign is scheduled for seven days before the election, which runs from November 17 to 23 this year.

“Election campaigns will be held seven days before Election Day. Where every Political Party participating in the Election shall submit its schedules of election campaign meetings to the Electoral Officer no less than seven days before the commencement of the campaign. ”Said Hon. Jafo

She explained that the vacancies to be contested are the Chairman of the Suburbs in the Local Authorities, the chair of the Street and Street Committee Members (Mixed Group for Men and Women) and the members of the Street Committee (Women’s Group) in the Local Authorities.

Hon. Jafo went on to name the others as Village Chairmen, Village Council Members (Mixed Men’s and Women’s Groups), Village Council Members (Women’s Groups) and Neighborhood Chairs in the District Authorities.

Also the Village Chairman, Village Council Members (Mixed Group for Men and Women), Village Council Members (Women’s Group) and Village Chairpersons in the Local Authorities.

About the candidates Hon. Jafo said candidates for various leadership positions would be required to become members and be sponsored by Political Parties with Permanent Registration.

Mr. Jafo further stated that in order to notify citizens of the names of the places and boundaries that will be involved in the registration and voting, the Electoral Supervisor will announce the names and boundaries of the neighborhoods in the relevant Councils area 72 days before the election day. Village Chairman, Village Chairman, Street Chairman, Village Government Members and Street Committee Members.

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He said the election administrator would give Election Directive sixty-two days before the election day and would make an appointment of public officials to register and prepare the Voters’ Roll 52 days before Election Day.

“Registration and preparation of the Voters List will take place forty-seven (47) days before the election day and will take place for seven days using a special form and will take place in public buildings and where there is no public building, registration will take place. on the part where the Assistant Electoral Supervisor will have agreed with the Political Leaders.

Hon. Jafo went on to explain that voting and voting stations, for the areas under District Councils and Local Authorities will be at the Sub-District level and in the case of Town Authorities (Cities, Municipalities and Villages), voter registration centers. votes and voting will be at Street level

He said that a person who intends to run for leadership positions will have to take the nomination form at least 26 days before the election day as directed by the Electoral Supervisor.

However, regarding the termination of power Mr Jafo said that all senior officials in all positions will be vacated, their leadership will cease 7 days before the day of taking up the strike forms.

“All the vacancies were for leadership for a period of 5 years. In accordance with these Rules, such officials shall cease to hold office seven days prior to the date of taking up leadership positions under these Rules” said the Hon. Jafo

He said a candidate who is dissatisfied with the decisions of the supervisor or assistant superintendent of elections will appeal to the Appeals Committee assigned to hear the objections.

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“If candidates are not satisfied with the decision of the Superintendent or Assistant Superintendent of elections regarding the nomination of candidates, there will be an Appeal Committee in each District which will hear objections about the nomination of candidates in the respective districts” He emphasized. Jafo.

At the same time Hon. Jafo said local election observers are required to apply for permission to do so by Secretary General Tamisemi from August 26 to September 16 this year, within 21 days after the election announcement.

 He has called on all citizens to come out in the general elections to register, vote, contest and participate in this election to find the best Local Government leaders for the development of our country.

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