Ultimate Guide on How To Apply and Secure Students, Marriage and Work Visa in UK 2024

Moving to the UK for study, work, or with a partner promises a multifaceted experience. The country’s rich cultural diversity creates a dynamic atmosphere, offering a blend of traditions and languages. Whether you’re a student enjoying vibrant campus life or working professionally, the UK offers not just bustling cities but also picturesque countryside for weekend escapes.

Ultimate Guide on How To Apply and Secure Students, Marriage and Work Visa in UK 2024

However, to enjoy all of these, it is important to get the right visa. In this article, we will show you how you can apply for student, marriage and work visas in the UK among other relevant information.

About UK Student Visa

The UK student visa, also known as the Tier 4 (General) student visa, is designed for international students from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland. It allows individuals to pursue academic courses in the United Kingdom. To obtain this visa, applicants commonly need an offer of admission from a licensed educational institution in the UK.

The visa’s duration is determined by the length of the course. It often permits part-time work during studies and full-time work during scheduled breaks. It’s an essential document for those seeking to pursue higher education in the UK and is subject to the country’s immigration regulations.

UK Student Visa Requirements

1. Passport

Ensure your passport which is essential for a UK visa application, is not expired and possesses at least one blank page for visa stamps. Renew your passport promptly if it’s close to expiry to avoid any travel complications.

2. Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies

The CAS number, or Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies, is a vital requirement for a UK student visa. It serves as proof that the UK institution supports your visa application, affirming your unconditional acceptance into the course. Without this reference number, your application for a UK student visa won’t be considered. Upon payment of any necessary fees confirming your enrollment, the university issues the CAS digitally.

If pursuing multiple courses, a combined CAS number covers the entire study period. This number is valid for six months, requiring visa application within this timeframe. Remember, the CAS number is a one-time use and non-transferable, necessitating a new application and CAS for a fresh student visa request.

3. Academic certificates

When applying for a course, your academic qualifications listed in the CAS require supporting evidence in the form of transcripts or certificates, especially for undergraduate programs. Ensure all original awards/certifications include your full name, award title, date, and institution name. Original transcripts should clearly state your full name, institution name, course title, and confirmation of the award. This documentation is crucial when submitting your visa application.

4. Biometric Residence Permit (BRP)

For a student visa lasting over six months, obtaining a Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) is necessary. During the visa application, your biometric info is collected, and details are added to the BRP, serving as proof of legal residence and study in the UK. The BRP includes your identity (fingerprints and photo), immigration status, and eligibility for public benefits and health services. You can collect the BRP within 10 days of arriving in the UK, generally from your university sponsor or a designated Post Office near your study location.

5. Tuberculosis Test

International students intending to study in the UK for over six months must undergo a tuberculosis test at a UK Home Office-approved clinic. Submitting the results, along with the issued certificate from the clinic, is a mandatory requirement for qualifying for a student visa. This ensures compliance with health conditions during the visa application process.

6. ATAS Certificate

For certain courses in the UK involving sensitive subjects or advanced technologies, international students may require an ATAS (Academic Technology Approval Scheme) certificate. This security clearance, mandated by the UK government, is aimed at preventing the misuse of education in fields like science, engineering, and technology for potential security risks. If your chosen course falls under these specified subject areas, obtaining an ATAS certificate is a prerequisite before applying for a student visa to study in the UK.

7. English Language Proficiency

To secure a student visa, you might need to prove your English skills through a Secure English Language Test (SELT) by an approved provider. This means showing your ability to read, write, speak, and understand English at a specific level on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) scale. For degree-level studies, you should demonstrate proficiency at CEFR level B2, equivalent to an overall IELTS score of 5.5 or above. For studies below degree level, a proficiency level of CEFR B1 is required. Many international students prefer the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) as it’s widely accepted to meet these language requirements.

8. Proof of Funds

The financial requirements for a UK student visa depend on your course location. If outside London, you need £1,023 per month for up to 9 months or £2,046 per month for the Doctoral Extension Scheme. In London, it’s £1,334 per month for up to 9 months or £2,668 per month for the Doctoral Extension Scheme. Beyond this, there are course fees starting at £11,400 per year for undergraduates, varying by institution. However, if your sponsor provides written consent, these financial demands may be waived. Ultimately, you must prove you can financially support yourself during your stay.

9. Intention to Leave

Show strong ties to your home country or current residence, emphasizing your clear intention to leave the UK after your authorized stay. This can include evidence of stable employment, family connections, or property ownership in your home country, establishing a compelling reason to return.

About UK Work Visa

The UK Skilled Worker Visa is the most common type of UK work visa. It is a work visa allowing international workers with essential skills to work in the UK for licensed employers. It took over from the Tier 2 visa at the end of 2020. The UK Skilled Worker Visa, a long-term work permit, is initially issued for up to five years, aligned with your Certificate of Sponsorship duration. It’s essential to understand that the visa remains valid as long as you stay in your current role with the sponsoring employer. If you intend to switch roles or employers, you’ll need to apply for a new Skilled Worker visa.

UK Work Visa Requirements

1. Job Offer from a Licensed UK Employer

To successfully apply for a Skilled Worker visa, securing a valid job offer from a licensed UK employer is important. This offer must originate from an A-rated business on the list of licensed sponsors, align with eligible occupations, and meet specific salary criteria. Additionally, you need a valid Certificate of Sponsorship from your UK employer.

2. Employer Approval and License

Ensure your prospective employer is included in the Home Office’s list of licensed sponsors. Confirm that they hold a license for international hiring under the Skilled Worker Route, and importantly, they maintain an A-rated status. Note that B-rated employers cannot issue new Certificates of Sponsorship until they meet compliance requirements.

3. Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS)

To proceed with your Skilled Worker visa application, you must possess a valid Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) from your UK employer. This digital document contains essential details about your sponsored role, including your job title, type, work dates, salary, sponsor licence number, and expiry date.

4. Eligible Occupation

Verify that the job for which you are being employed is listed among the eligible occupations for the Skilled Worker visa. Additionally, ensure you possess the necessary skills and/or experience required for the specific role.

5. Skill Level Requirement

Applicants for a Skilled Worker role and visa must demonstrate skills at least equivalent to RQF level 3, equivalent to an A-level qualification in the UK. This does not necessarily require a specific level of qualification but rather skills equivalent to or above RQF level 3.

6. Minimum Salary

Meeting the minimum salary requirement for a skilled worker visa is vital. The minimum salary is presently set at £26,200, although this figure may change in the future. However, exceptions exist based on factors like occupation shortage, age, education, or specific qualifications.

7. Financial Proof

As part of the application process, you must provide evidence of having at least £1,270 in your bank account. In certain cases, your employer may provide a letter confirming their commitment to cover this financial requirement.

8. English Language Proficiency

Skilled Worker visa applicants must demonstrate sufficient knowledge of the English language. This can be achieved through passing an approved English test, possessing academic qualifications taught in English, or meeting exemptions based on nationality.

Additional Required Documents

Apart from the aforementioned, various additional documents are needed, including your passport, job title and annual salary details, occupation code, employer’s name and sponsor licence number, proof of personal savings, relationship proof for spouse/partner and children, criminal record certificate (if applicable), TB test results (if required), and UK PhD certificate or Ecctis reference (if applicable).

Unskilled Jobs with Visa Sponsorship in UK 2024

1. Restaurant Management

The first Unskilled job on our list is Restaurant management, if you are a foreigner who’s interested in getting a Job in UK or Canada in the Restaurant department, then you might have an opportunity to get hired with sponsorship. This is because Boston Pizza offers restaurant management positions with visa sponsorship, this gesture obviously will allow you as an international candidate to work in UK or Canada.

As a restaurant manager, Your job is quite detailed. All you have to do is to oversee daily operations, manage staff, and also you should make sure of customer satisfaction.

For you to qualify, you’ll obviously need relevant experience and a degree in hospitality or a related field. Boston Pizza provides visa sponsorship for eligible candidates,this makes  it easier for international applicants to join their team.

2. Delivery Driver

Another lucrative unskilled job you can easily get in UK or Canada with Visa sponsorship is working as a Delivery driver. Amazon Logistics, one of the biggest delivery agencies in the World offers delivery driver positions with visa sponsorship.

As a delivery driver, you’ll transport packages to customers, you should make sure your delivery is timely and efficient delivery. A valid driver’s license and a clean driving record are the major things required. If you are eligible, then there’s a high chance that Amazon Logistics will provide Visa sponsorship for you.

3. Food Service

If you are interested in working in the food service department when you get to UK or Canada as an unskilled worker, then you are at the right place. Earls Kitchen and Bar gives food service positions, including waiters and bartenders, with visa sponsorship.

As a food service attendant, you’ll provide excellent customer service to your customers, you’ll also have to  take orders as well as  serve food and beverages to customers.

For you to qualify, you’ll need to have the right experience as well as a positive attitude. Earls Kitchen and  Bar provides visa sponsorship for candidates who are eligible, so if you think you’re eligible, it’ll be very easy for you as an  international applicant to join their team.

4. Culinary

The Fairmont Hotels & Resorts one of the Biggest Hotel networks in Canada offer culinary positions, including sous chefs, executive chefs, chefs de partie, etc with visa sponsorship.

Your duty as a member of their culinary team is simply to  prepare and cook food to high standards.  For you to stand a chance of being recruited and offered Visa sponsorship, you’ll need to have the right experience and a culinary degree or certification.

5. Customer Service

Another lucrative unskilled job that’s rampant in UK and Canada is the Customer Service representatives, there are so many companies willing to bring in Staffs on Visa sponsorship to fill in different positions.

Bell Canada for instance provides customer service positions with visa sponsorship, as an international candidate, you will be allowed to work in Canada through their Visa sponsorship outreach.

As a customer service representative, your job is simply to handle customer inquiries, trying to resolve issues as well as  provide excellent service. For you to be a part of the team, you’ll need excellent communication skills  since you’ll be communicating with customers.

6. Production Worker

If you have Experience on How car production works,then you might have to look at the possibility of working as a Production worker in UK or Canada, the truth is There is a lot of job opportunity that comes with Visa sponsorship for those with car production experience. For instance, Ford Motor Company of Canada gives  production worker positions with visa sponsorship.

So if you are qualified, you can look them up on their official website and see how you can get their visa sponsorship. As a production worker, all you will have to do is to  assemble and inspect vehicles, make sure of their quality control, and also try to  maintain a safe work environment.

For you to start applying, you must qualify, please you should take note that you’ll need physical stamina and attention to detail before you can work in this position.Like i said,  Ford Motor Company of Canada will provide you with visa sponsorship if you are an eligible candidate.

7. Vehicle Quality Inspector_

In UK and Canada, Vehicle quality is being paid serious attention, this is because of the potential accidents that could emerge if a vehicle quality is being neglected, in order to improve vehicle quality and overall driving experience in UK and Canada, most companies try to sponsor Visa for international job seekers in order to meet up with the demands of quality control.

Honda Canada Inc is one of such companies that  offers vehicle quality inspector positions with visa sponsorship. As a vehicle quality inspector, you’ll have to critically inspect vehicles, you will be mandated to identify any possible defects, and ensure quality control. For you to be offered a Visa sponsorship by Honda, you’ll need attention to detail and also have some analytical skills. If you have these skills and you feel you’re qualified, then you should look up Honda Canada Inc.

8. Manufacturing Millwright

This job opportunity is for those who have perfect understanding on how Machines works, If you already have an experience on how to manufacture Millwright or you can repair or maintain machines then you need to pay attention. General Electric Canada and UK from time to time offers manufacturing millwright positions that come with visa sponsorship.

All you have to do as a worker here is to support the  manufacturing millwright, you’ll be tasked with the duty to  install, maintain, and also repair machinery when they have faults. This will help to make sure that the company’s production is at a higher speed of  production. There are other Manufacturing millwright companies that offer Visa too, like the General Electric Canada,  you’ll need mechanical skills and a positive attitude for you to be considered.

9. Electrician

Demand for Electricians is very High in UK and Canada. If you are an electrician or you have an understanding of how electronics work, then you might have to start packing your bags for Canada. A lot of electrical companies are always on the lookout for Qualified international candidates who’re looking to come to Canada for opportunities. One of the most popular electrifying companies that comes to mind is Siemens. Siemens Canada Limited always gives electrician positions with visa sponsorship. As an electrician for the company, you’ll have to know how to run the installation. You’ll also be responsible for maintenance as well as  repair electrical systems, the aim is to make sure of  safety. To be eligible, you’ll need electrical training.

10. Warehouse Workers

Certainly there are a whole lot of factories in UK and Canada That are always on the lookout for helping hands. If you are physically fit and would want to work in a Factory in Canada, then you don’t need to worry as there are many capable of overseeing your Visa. A good example of such a company is Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Canada is responsible for giving thousands of warehouse workers different positions with visa sponsorship.

Once you are employed as a warehouse worker by the company, you’ll receive, store, and you will be given opportunities to  ship products,  As a warehouse worker of Coca-Cola, you are expected to oversee some warehouse operations. One of the major criteria Coca Cola looks at is your physical stamina and attention to detail. If you know you have these qualities, you can as well start making your moves.

11. General Laborer

Canada and UK as an industrious country from time to time looks for laborers who are fit and healthy enough to work in different capacities. As a laborer, you will be paid handsomely to carry out some labor with machines that make work easier and simpler. A lot of companies are willing to get you a Visa so you could come help them make ends meet.

One of such companies that has gotten so many people visa to Canada is General Motors Canada, they’re responsible for giving general laborer positions with visa sponsorship. If you are employed as a general laborer, you’ll be tasked with performing manual labor tasks, you’ll also have to support production teams, and try as much as possible to maintain a safe work environment. Again, like many unskilled jobs, you’ll need physical stamina to get employed.

12. Truck Driver

Being a Truck driver in Canada and UK is by far one of the most lucrative unskilled jobs you can get in the country. With many factories and companies abound in Canada, it’s only normal that demand for Truck drivers is on the high side. Truck drivers earn so much that majority of those seeking greener pastures in Canada would do anything to be gainfully employed as a truck driver.

There are so many Truck companies in Canada that are willing to pay for your Visa so that you can come and turn in a helping hand , UPS Canada is a popular name in this regards, UPS Canada gives truck driver opportunities to come to Canada  with visa sponsorship. As a truck driver, all  you’ll have to do is to transport packages in such a way that will ensure timely delivery, and maintain a safe driving record. all you need to do to get employed is  a valid driver’s license and a clean driving record.

13. Merchandiser

Being a Merchandiser is very popular in UK and Canada, it’s obviously due to the fact that there are quite a lot of production companies in Canada. as such, demand for merchandisers who’ll help in product display as well as stocking up shelves is certainly in high demand, there are equally a whole lot of companies ready to pay for Visa in order to get you on their paycheck. for example PepsiCo Canada always make available merchandiser positions with visa sponsorship. Now As a merchandiser, it is your responsibility to stock shelves, you will also be asked to maintain product displays, as well as ensure excellent customer service. for you to get this role, you must be physically fit as you need stamina to discharge your duty.

14. Tire and Wheel Technician

With the High Level of production as well as high number of car owners in Canada, there’s obviously high demand for Tire and wheel Technicians. if you are a foreigner with Experience on Tire and wheels, this might interest you. A lot of companies are ready to pay for your visa so that you can help them meet of with the high demand for Technicians. Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada always gives  tire and wheel technician positions along with visa sponsorship. Once you get hired as a tire and wheel technician, you’ll install, repair, and make sure tires and wheels are in good order. for you to get in the Toyota team, you’ll need mechanical skills.

15. Warehouse Operative

Being a Warehouse operative is actually the first unskilled job on our list, Warehouse operatives are well sorted out in the UK, Most companies are ready to provide you with Visa sponsorship once you are able to show that you can do the work perfectly.

Working as a warehouse operative is not that complicated, all you need to do is to pay attention to details of how your company operates.

As a warehouse operative, you’ll play a very good role in the  running of a warehouse. Your duties will include receiving and dispatching goods, that’s not all, you’ll also be responsible for picking and packing orders, and most companies in the UK are concerned about a healthy working environment, so you’ll equally be tasked with maintaining a clean and safe working environment.

If you are bothered about experience then you actually don’t need to, this is because no experience is necessary, as training will be provided. Salary: For your salary, you should expect something very satisfactory, an average Warehouse operative in the UK earns about £18,000 – £22,000 per annum.

Like I said earlier, you are not short of companies that will offer you visa sponsorship, this is because Companies like Amazon, Tesco, and DHL offer visa sponsorship for this role.

16. Care Assistant

Another lucrative unskilled job you can get in the UK is that of a Care Assistant. There’s actually a high demand for caregivers who are willing to work with love and care for their money.

If you’re someone who’s compassionate and dedicated, then I think a care assistant role might be perfect for you. Being a caregiver means you’ll be given the responsibility of taking care of senior citizens within the UK.

Your job will be to provide support and care to vulnerable adults, you will be helping them with daily tasks and activities. You don’t need to bother about Experience as a caregiver because you will be trained on the job. Salary: As for salary, you’re expected to earn something good, in the UK, an average caregiver earns about £18,000 – £22,000 per annum, not bad for a start as it could even exceed.

Companies like Care UK, Four Seasons Health Care, and Bupa offer visa sponsorship for this role.

17. Cleaning Operative

As they say, cleanliness is next to godliness, if you are someone who’s enthusiastic about clean environment and lifestyle, then this job opportunity is definitely for you.

Most companies and offices within the UK are actively looking for cleaning operatives to help keep their environment clean and hygienic.

Once you’re recruited as a cleaning operative, you’ll be tasked with cleaning and maintaining public areas, as well as offices, and other facilities, you should always ensure  they’re kept to a high standard.

You’re not expected to have any  experience for these jobs, when hired by the company or office, you’ll be trained on how to do your work perfectly. Salary: Their salary is okay for an unskilled job, you will be paid around £16,000 – £25,000 per annum. Companies like ISS, Mitie, and Compass Group offer visa sponsorship for this role.

18. Farm Worker

For every nation to sustain feeding, Farming can never be neglected. The UK pays serious attention to Farming because it’s such an important aspect of the national economy and food growth.

Because of this, demand for farm workers from different parts of the world are high, if you are someone who loves and enjoy farming, then be ready to make some money as a farmer in the UK.

As a farm worker, you’ll assist with crop and animal production, you will also be tasked with maintenance, and other farm-related tasks.

You don’t need to bother if you have experience or not, the hiring Companies will make sure to Provide you with the best available training. Salary: The Salary for Farm workers in the UK is Very okay, for a start, you can earn around £17,000 – £29,000 per annum.

You aren’t short of companies that are willing to bring you with Visa sponsorship, Companies like Farmcare Trading, RSK Group, and AB Agri are ready to give visa sponsorship for this role.

19. Laundry Operative

We all know the importance of laundry in our day-to-day activities. Most hospitals, hotels and bars as well as offices in the UK are always on the lookout for laundry operatives.

As a laundry operative, you’ll sort, wash, dry, and fold laundry for these hospitals, hotels, and other organizations. you don’t need to have experience in order to succeed here the company will provide you with equipment and training on how to go about your job. Salary: salaries are good enough for your position as a laundry operative you should expect to earn around£16,000 – £25,000 per annum.

Companies like Elis, Berendsen, and Sunlight Laundry can give you visa sponsorship for this opportunity.

20. Warehouse Cleaner

Warehouses in the UK need foreigners who can help keep their environment and offices clean. As a warehouse cleaner, you’ll have to maintain the cleanliness and organization of the warehouse you’re employed in, your duty is to make sure that it’s a safe working environment.

When hired, the company will train you on how to do your job very well. Salary: the salary is okay for the job, you will have to earn around  £28,000 – £32,000 per annum.

Companies like Amazon, Tesco, and DHL are ready to get you on board by giving you Visa sponsorship.

About UK Spouse Visa

The spouse visa, also known as the partner and spouse visa, allows a qualified foreign national to reside with their partner in the UK, provided the partner is a British citizen or a settled person (e.g., someone with Indefinite Leave to Remain or EU Settled Status).

UK Spouse Visa Requirements

1. Genuine Relationship

Ensure your relationship is genuine and subsisting to avoid suspicions of a “sham” marriage or relationship. Seek legal advice if unsure.

2. Financial Requirement

Applicants and UK-based partners must meet a minimum gross annual income of £18,600, increasing to £29,000, £34,500, and eventually £38,700. Additional funds are required for dependent children. Sources of income considered include employment, self-employment, pensions, and specified allowances or benefits. Exemptions are available for specific allowances.

3. English Language Proficiency

Confirm sufficient English language knowledge through an approved test or academic qualifications. Exemptions apply based on age, physical or mental conditions, or nationality.

4. Accommodation Requirements

Show suitable accommodation in the UK owned or occupied exclusively by the applicant and family, meeting living space and public health standards.

Other Required Documents Checklist

Submission of various documents, including completed application form, valid passport, evidence of the genuine relationship, proof of English language proficiency, financial documents, details of previous immigration applications, criminal convictions, national insurance number, proof of accommodation, biometric information, and tuberculosis test results if required.

Easy Way On How To Apply for Student, Marriage and Work Visa in the UK

1. Research

You need to explore the suitable visa for your journey, whether it is a student, spouse or work visa. For detailed guidance on visa types and required documents, please visit the official UK Visas and Immigration (GOV.UK) website. As highlighted earlier, different visa categories have specific document requirements, so carefully identify your visa type. If your documents are not in English, consider obtaining translations before proceeding.

2. Apply

Once you have decided on a suitable visa for you, you can start your visa application. Proceed to the UK Visas and Immigration (GOV.UK) website to start your visa application process. Ensure you provide every information required correctly and submit your documents.

3. Pay Your Fees

The UK student visa costs £490, the spouse visa costs £1,846 (if you are applying outside the UK) and the work visa costs £719 to £1,500 depending on your circumstances. As part of your application on GOV.UK, be prepared to cover your visa fees and, if applicable, the healthcare surcharge. Upon payment, you’ll receive a reference number beginning with GWF; keep a record of this for potential adjustments to your application or appointment.

4. Schedule Appointment

Pick a Visa Application Centre and book your biometric appointment on the VFS Global website after completing your payment on GOV.UK.

5. Attend Appointment

Be present at your appointment; attendance is mandatory, and you cannot delegate this task to someone else. Ensure you come to the centre early at your designated time to avoid any problems.

7. Track Application

You have to stay updated on your application progress. You would receive email notifications or you can opt for SMS updates at applicable Visa Application Centres for a fee.


The Study Visa (Tier 4) is for those looking to study in the UK, requiring a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) from the educational institution. The Marriage Visa (Spouse Visa) is for joining a British or settled partner, necessitating proof of a genuine relationship. The Work Visa (Skilled Worker) allows working for a licensed UK employer, demanding a valid job offer and meeting salary requirements. Each serves a specific purpose, ensuring individuals enter the UK for legitimate reasons.


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