Mwakyembe Closes The FEASSSA Tournament in Arusha

Mwakyembe Closes The FEASSSA Tournament in Arusha.

The Minister of Information, Arts, Culture and Sport, Dr Harrison Mwakyembe has closed the 19th East African Secondary School Sporting Tournament (FEASSSA) by promising that next year teams from Tanzania will bring strong opposition to this year.

Speaking at the finals of the tournament held today at Sheikh Amri Abeid Stadium in Arusha, Mr Mwywembe has warned the hosts of the tournament in Kenya to be ready as teams from Tanzania come to the tournament with a roar.

He said that at the FEASSSA tournament next year, which is scheduled to take place in Kakamega City in Kenya, teams from Tanzania will be able to compete fiercely as they come to the tournament well prepared.

“I would like to assure the President of FEASSSA that we will prepare our teams well so that next year they can win more trophies,” said Mr Mwwakyembe.

In addition Mr Mwakyembe has called on the participating member countries to ensure that they are making enough preparations as they will not continue to do well.

Acting Secretary-General, Office of Regional Administration and Local Government Ms Odilia Mushi said a total of 3600 participants participated in the FEASSSA tournament, including participants from Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Zanzibar, Tanzania and Malawi. that as an invited guest.

He said this year’s championships in addition to involving high school students also involved primary school students, including students with special needs.

Ms Mushi has called on member states of the East African Community to ensure that they annually engage students with special needs.

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“I call on these partnerships that we have shown in East Africa to show them to our special needs,” he said.

He added that the games have been very successful with each country having the opportunity to showcase their talents, adding that the challenges this year will be a catalyst for success in the coming year’s competition.

FEASSSA President Justus Mugisha said that from the beginning of the year the name of the tournament will change from FEASSSA to FISSA adding that the teams participating will be added one more day to allow representatives of each country to travel to local tourism.

In addition, Mr Mugisha has called on member states to ensure that they are making enough preparations for participating in another FEASSSA tournament since otherwise it would be a nightmare for the teams to win the tournament.

Commenting on the tournament, Mr Mugisha said that this year’s tournament was difficult compared to previous competitions and he wanted teams who did not do well this year to get ready for another tournament next year in Kenya.

Before closing the tournament, Minister Mwakyembe had the opportunity to witness a fierce final clash between two Ugandan teams.


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