Academia Stellenbosch Plagiarism Declaration Form 2024/2025

Academia Stellenbosch plagiarism declaration form pdf download for Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Diploma, and Certificate program students.

Academia Stellenbosch Plagiarism Declaration Form

By filling the Academia Stellenbosch Plagiarism declaration form, it implies that;

  • You are aware that plagiarism (the use of someone else’s work without their permission and without acknowledging the original source) is wrong.
  • You confirm that ALL the work submitted for assessment for the above course is your own unaided work except where you have explicitly indicated otherwise.
  • You have followed the required conventions in referencing the thoughts and ideas of others.
  • You understand that the Academia Stellenbosch may take disciplinary action if there is a belief that this is not your own unaided work or that you have failed to acknowledge the source of the ideas or words in your writing.

Forms must be completed via the student portal or at the administrative office.

All work submitted online will be subject to the following declaration:

Using the platform, any work submitted is subject to Academia Stellenbosch policy on Plagiarism and Online (Academic) rules and regulations, confirming that the work submitted conforms and complies with these policies as well as any other policy that might be applicable.

In the event that it is found that you have contravened these policies, you will be subject to disciplinary action in terms of Academia Stellenbosch policies in this regard.

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