Check Ring Mash Nursing School Application Status 2023/2024

Rhema Christian Services Foundation Application Status 2023/2024, How to check online.

This is to inform all prospective students that submitted application forms to study at the Rhema Christian Services Foundation that they can check their acceptance status through the below steps.

Rhema Christian Services Foundation application status checking portal is a dedicated webpage for prospective students who submitted an application to check and access the admission application status online.

For more information and inquiries, please navigate to the Rhema Christian Services Foundation portal. All details are available on the institution’s official website.

  • To check your application status, visit the Rhema Christian Services Foundation admissions office or the official website.

Congratulations to all candidates who have been offered provisional admission into Rhema Christian Services Foundation.

For a better understanding of the Rhema Christian Services Foundation-related admissions statuses, you can check the definition of the statuses below:

  • Pending Review: This indicates that the Rhema Christian Services Foundation has received the application. Before determining which documents, if any, are required to complete the application, the application must be reviewed. Applicants are encouraged to return for updates; the application status will remain Pending Review until an admission decision is announced.
  • Requires Action:¬†Indicates that there are items missing from the application. Applicants should check back for updates to their Rhema Christian Services Foundation online application tool for Unresolved Items
  • Complete:¬†Indicates that all the items required to complete the application have been received. Applicants can verify that items have been received by selecting the show items attachment link and looking for Completed Items.
  • Admitted:¬†Indicates admission to the program specified. Some offers of admission may come with conditions.
  • Provisional Admission:¬†Indicates admission to the program specified with a faculty-specific provision. There is a requirement to submit all outstanding To-Do List items for this program and meet other provisions stated by your faculty.
  • Cleared Provisional Admission:¬†Indicates that all the faculty-specific provisions of the admission have been met. Final Admission to the program specified is now confirmed.
  • Ineligible:¬†Indicates that admission to the program specified has been denied. The minimum requirements for consideration of admission have not been¬†met.
  • Quota Filled:¬†Indicates that admission to the program specified has been denied. Although the minimum admission requirements for the program may have been met, the application was not competitive.
  • Canceled:¬†Indicates the application has been canceled.
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  1. Candidates that uploaded the wrong bio-data will automatically be disqualified.



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