Knight Hennessy Scholarship 2024 – Stanford University (Fully Funded)

Knight Hennessy Scholarship 2024/2025… How to apply, application form, vacancy requirements, eligibility, available positions, qualifications needed, application guidelines, and recruitment application closing date.

Due to the globalization of education, a lot of scholarships are available for international students who wish to study abroad these days. Among those, the Knight Hennessy Scholarship program is a fully funded scholarship provided by Stanford University in the USA. It has been established to provide assistance to ambitious students who are in need of help.

Knight-Hennessy 2024 Scholars Program to Study at Stanford University

If you are a meritorious student but are unable to apply to a prestigious university like Stanford due to financial constraints, you can apply to the Knight Hennessy Scholarship 2024. Being a fully funded scholarship, it shall provide complete coverage of all your financial requirements, such as tuition fees, living expenses, and more. This article will provide you with all the relevant information about the Knight Hennessy Scholarship program.

Details About Knight Hennessy Scholarship 2024 – Stanford University (Fully Funded)

  • Host Country: USA
  • Host University: Stanford University
  • Degree Level: JD, MA, MD, MBA, MFA, DMA, MS, and PhD
  • Financial Coverage: Fully Funded

Two Deadlines:

  • Deadlines: KHS Deadline: 11th Oct 2024.
  • Admission Deadline at Stanford University: 1st December 2024

No of Scholarships

The Knight Henesey Scholarship aims to provide financial relief to over 100 students by offering them full coverage scholarship opportunities. The students must apply before the deadlines as the number of scholarships is limited.

Benefits of the Knight Hennessy Scholarship

  • The tuition fee shall also cover the application fee
  • The grant duration provided to the students lasts for three years.
  • A relocation stipend to help with moving expenses shall be provided for a singular time.
  • Scholars shall also receive a dedicated amount to pay for living costs.
  • The living expenses amount shall be provided as a separate stipend.
  • An education stipend shall also be provided. This is only to be utilized for academic purposes, which include room charges, books and academic material, transportation costs within the locale, instructional matters, and as well as certain personal expenditures within a limit.
  • Once a year, an economy-class plane ticket to and from Stanford shall be provided.
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Eligibility Criteria

  • There are no restrictions regarding nationality, and students of all countries are welcome to apply to the KHS program.
  • However, you must first apply to the university before you can proceed with the scholarship application.
  • In order for you to be eligible for the scholarship, you have to first gain admission to a full-time graduate degree program at Stanford.
  • The applicant’s bachelor’s degree must have been acquired no earlier than January 2017.
  • There is no specific grade threshold for the applicant to be eligible.
  • However, English Language proficiency certification is a mandatory requirement.


The Knight Hennessy Scholarship application deadline for all students around the globe is October 11, 2024, at 1:00 p.m. Pacific Time.

On the other hand, the Stanford Graduate Degree Program Deadline for those who are opting for KHS is December 1, 2024. The students must send in their applications either by this specified date or the standard date mentioned in the program.

How can you apply for the Knight Hennessy Scholarship Program?

Students applying to the KHS program must take note that it is a two-step application process. You will be required to send in two different applications to be considered for the scholarship. One of these is to be addressed to the Knight Hennessy Scholars, while the other is to be sent in to get enrolled in the Stanford Graduate Degree Program of your choice.

Two Application Processes for KHS.



  • How to know if you’re eligible for the KHS program?
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The main criteria for eligibility in the KHS program is contingent on successful enrollment in any of the Graduate Degree Programs offered by Stanford.

  • What is the application process for the KHS program?

The KHS program has its own official website dedicated to assisting students in applying and providing them with a portal to send in their applications. You can Visit:

  • Does the Knight Hennessey Scholarship provide full financial coverage?

The KHS program is designed to provide full financial coverage and assistance to students in the USA.

  • How many Knight Hennessey scholarships are given out to students each year?

Each year, the KHS program allocates funds to 100 international applicants. They are provided full financial coverage to study in the USA.



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