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Jason Lang Scholarship 2024/2025 in Canada Fully Funded… Jason Lang Scholarship Online Application Form, Requirements, Eligibility, Interview Questions Sample, and Application Deadline 2024.

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The Jason Lang Scholarship application details have been published here. All Eligible and Interested applicants should apply online for this opportunity before the application deadline-closing date 2024.

International Students who want to undertake their Bachelor’s Degree in Canada are encouraged to apply for this opportunity. The scholarship is available for the academic session of 2024.

Jason Lang Scholarship Application Details

This Scholarship was founded in memory of Jason Lang, a 17-year-old high school student who was shot dead during the W. R. Myers High School shooting on April 28, 1999. Jason was a bright kid with a promising future, but unfortunately, he couldn’t live long enough to make a positive change in the world.

The Jason Lang scholarship therefore acknowledges post-secondary students with outstanding academic performances in Alberta, Canada. These students are then encouraged through the Jason Lang support funds to further their education by pursuing a bachelor’s degree or a professional program.

Since the scholarship was established, numerous students have benefitted financially from the program. It has also inspired high school graduates by letting them know there are opportunities for them to succeed in the future if they could put in the effort to continue a higher program.

Scholarship Sponsor

Funding for this scholarship program is fully covered by the Government of Alberta through Alberta Advanced Education and are administered by the University of Alberta in affiliation with Alberta Student Aid.

Scholarship Tax

Recipients of this scholarship are excluded from taxation, and not reported as income on their tax returns. Scholars will be given a T4A from Student Aid Alberta showing the amount of scholarships, fellowships, or bursaries they collected in Box 105.

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Programs to Study

Incoming freshmen are privileged to choose any field of study, as long as they are enrolled in a full-time program. Students are eligible to choose any school of their choice in Canada.

Who can apply for this Scholarship?

Jason Lang scholarship recognizes only Alberta post-secondary graduates in Canada. The student can be a Canadian citizen, or a permanent resident, or a protected person. Interested scholars must also be ready to pursue a full-time undergraduate degree.

International students interested in studying abroad can check out some easy-to-apply scholarship opportunities listed here.

Jason Lang Scholarship Eligibility

To be considered fully eligible for this scholarship program. Applicants must fulfill the following conditions.

  1. You must be a Canadian, or hold a permanent residency in Canada, or a protected person (visa students are ineligible).
  2. Applicant must be an Alberta resident.
  3. You must be enrolled full-time in an undergraduate program at a publicly funded post-secondary institution in Alberta.
  4. You must possess a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.2 on a 4.0-point scale. This is based on an 80% full course load in previous fall and winter terms (i.e. a minimum of 24 units of course weight for most programs).

Alberta Residency Requirements

As stated earlier, applicants must be an Alberta residents before being considered eligible for the Jason Lang scholarship. You must meet one of the following conditions in order to be considered a resident of Alberta.

  • You have a parent, or legal guardian who have maintained permanent residence in Canada for at least 12 successive months immediately prior to commencing post-secondary studies and residing in Alberta.
  • The applicant has lived in Alberta for 12 successive months immediately prior to commencing post-secondary studies.
  • Your spouse/partner has maintained permanent residence in Alberta for 12 consecutive months prior to the person attending post-secondary.
  • Note: you are an Alberta resident if you met at least one of the aforementioned requirements.
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How to Apply For the Jason Lang Scholarship

Visit the official website of the Jason Lang Scholarship below for the application form and other information about the Jason Lang Scholarship program.

Jason Lang Scholarship Application Closing Date 2024

The Jason Lang Scholarship application deadline is announced in the application form.

Official Jason Lang Scholarship Application Link

  • CLICK HERE to Access the Official Application Link of the Jason Lang Scholarship.
  • CLICK HERE to Visit the Official Webpage of the Jason Lang Scholarship.



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